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Order app activation from Zoom Marketplace

Description The article below describes the procedure for how to order activation of an app in Zoom's own app market.

Install and log into Zoom (our e-meeting service)

Description This article shows you how to install and log in to the E-Meeting service Zoom.

Get started with the e-meeting service Zoom

Description Zoom is a Meeting Service for students and staff at Stockholm University.

How to teach online with Zoom

Participate in online courses via Zoom (student)

Description Courses at Stockholm University (SU) use Zoom for online teaching.

Use the e-meeting service Zoom for Webinar (major events)

Description Zoom video Webinar is a solution for holding larger events / lectures / meetings with more than 500 participants.

Available software in IT Services computer labs

Software available in the computer labs Lantis, D406 (Northern Arrhenius House) Windows 10 Microsoft Office 2019 Microsoft Edge Adobe Reader ClaroIdeas ClaroReadPlus Elan Mathematica R RStudio Saskia franska, spanska, italienska SpellRight SPSS StavaRex SuperWort Zoom

Your active student status has ended

Only active students have access to: Office 365 - See FAQ - Office 365 for students Licensed version of the E-meeting service Zoom The library course literature and e-resources If you are still studying at Stockholm University Please contact your department to register as an active student again.




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