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Need help with Survey & Report?

Information There are a number of articles available in Swedish for Survey&Report here at Serviceportalen.

How to use Serviceportalen

Description Here in Serviceportalen you will find answers to most of your questions, and you can contact Helpdesk to ask a question or report a problem by creating a request.

Hardware failure (Workplace service)

Description How to report an error to the SU Workstation incl. hardware (Arbetsplatstjänsten inkl. hårdvara) Product and service SU Workstation incl. hardware (Arbetsplatstjänsten inkl. hårdvara) Do this If you experience problems with your computer that are hardware related, please report an error via the Service Portal .

How to contact IT Services Helpdesk at Stockholm University

You will find the links to both forms under Question / Error Reporting on the Service Portal homepage .

Contact Support without an university account

If you have a university account, contact the IT department's Helpdesk using the forms in the menu under Questions, Error report, Order or by telephone.

Guides and support from Urkund

Content Link/file How to manage hits in duplicates, previous versions and drafts PDF Shows a screenshot of the URKUND Web Inbox with provided explanations (Urkund standalone web interface) PDF Comprehensive guide on how to analyse reports PDF Tips and advice for students regarding plagiarism PDF Videoguide on how to use the report interface Video Technical support The IT...

Get started with the standalone version of Urkund

Urkund will review all documents sent to this address and generate text comparison reports for them.

FAQ - Zoom (e-meetings)

Open this page: Usage Reports in Zoom. - Search for the meeting and then click the Participants column.

FAQ - Printomat

If printomat color_synk missing, please report this to the helpdesk via the service portal.
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