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DNS: Zone management policy


This is a policy describing under which circumstances we manage DNS zones. It is split in two different services: managing the registration of the zone, and hosting the zone on the central DNS servers.

Registration management


We can manage registration of DNS zones under any of the following circumstances:

  • It is the main "" zone.
  • The domain is the associatedDomain for an organization in SUKAT.

  • The domain is requested by Samverkansavdelningen.

Reasons for limiting registration management

There is overhead in managing domain registration (handling payments, keeping our customer contact information up to date). Since vanity domains related to projects come and go there is less work involved if the interested parties just manages the registration and content of the domains themselves.

Hosting DNS zones on central DNS-servers


Zones may be hosted on our central DNS servers under any of the following circumstances:

  • The zone is registered by IT-avdelningen (see Registration management above).
  • It is the associatedDomain of an organization in SUKAT.
  • The zone is used for machine hostnames on campus.

Reasons for limiting zone hosting

If we add or remove authoritative DNS servers we also need to update all zone delegations pointing to them. This is easily done as long as we have administrative access to the delegations (like for zones we have registered ourselves). This becomes a lot more tricky for zones where the registration has been performed by an external party, possibly many years ago. It creates a big hindrance in our ability to modify our DNS server layout. In the worst case the zone has been registered with someones personal account at a registry such as .se which won't even tell us the contact information of the registrant in that case.

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