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Configure ebox in Outlook 2016 (non-SU Workstation computer)


Instructions for employees with a non-SU Workstation computer who want to connect to the central e-mail service (Exchange) using the Outlook 2016 client.

If you cannot make it work on your computer, please access your e-mail via (Outlook Web App).


Product and version

Outlook 2016, Windows 10


1. Open Outlook 2016.

2. In the Welcome to Microsoft Outlook 2016 window, click Next

3. In Add an email account, select Yes and click Next.

4. In the Automatic Account Settings window, enter your primary email address, the password for your university account (twice), and click Next.

In the Microsoft Outlook security window, click Allow.

5. In the Windows Security window, click More choices and select Use different account.

  • In the User Name field, type: winadsu\username (for your university account)
  • In the Password field: type in the password for your university account

Select Remember my credentials and click OK.

6. In the Add Account window, wait for the configuration to complete, and then click Finish.

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