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Print from a private computer on Printomat (MAC OS X)


This article shows how to add the new Printomat printer to a computer that is not connected to the Workplace service.

N.B. You must be connected to a Stockholm University network to be able to connect to Printomat.

Product and version

MAC OS X 10.9 and later
N.B. Printomat does not work in OS X 10.10.5, update first.


1. Install Printomat by downloading and running the file: Printomat2.pkg

2.When you print the first time the printing will freeze. When this happens open the print queue from the dock, select the print job and click Resume.

3.A login window pops up were you need to enter:

  • Name: winadsu\username (for your university account)
  • Password:The password for your university account      

Check Remember password in my keychain.

Click OK.

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