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Printing from a private computer to Printomat (Linux - Ubuntu 16.04 or earlier)


This article show how to add the Printomat-printer on a computer that is not a SU Workstation computer.

For newer versions of Ubuntu and other Linux distributions using Gnome 3 window manager, please refer to the article:
Printing from a private computer - Printomat (Linux with Gnome - Ubuntu 18.10 and up)

NB! You must be connected to a network at Stockholm University to be able to connect to a Printomat-printer.

Product and version

Linux - Ubuntu


1. If you do not have SAMBA installed, do that by running this command in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install smbclient

2. Download the PPD-driver below and save it in an appropriate place.

3. Go to System> Administration> Printing then click Add/Lägg till.

4. Expand Network Printer and choose Windows Printer via SAMBA.
In the smb:// field enter prntmat-p-srv3.it.su.se/printomat2
Click Forward.
Printing_from_private_computer_Printomat2_Linux_Ubuntu_01.png5. In

5. In the next window, select Provide PPD-file and browse to the downloaded PPD-driver.
Click Forward.

6. The next screen will be as below:

Paper Source Unit: PC 415
 Finisher: Finisher FS-536
Punch Unit: PK 520/4-GB Hole)
 Saddle Kit: SD-511

Click Forward.

7. In Describe Printer, do not change anything. Click Apply.

When you print the first time, you need to authenticate in a window:

  • Username: winadsu \ uid (uid = your username in the university account
  • Password: password for the university account

Tick Remember password so you do not have to do this each time you print

Click OK.

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