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FAQ - Printomat

Print PDF in black and white from Acrobat Reader

Acrobat prints PDFs in color on Printomat2 (Konica Minolta) in its default setting.
To change to black and white, do the following:

1. In Adobe Acrobat Reader, click Print.

2. In the Print window, select Print grayscale (black and white) then Print.


You can not find any print jobs "No jobs"

When you log on to the Printomat-printer with your university card and can not find any print jobs.

Make sure you print to Printomat2
To make Printomat2 your default printer, see this article: 
Set Default Printer (Windows)

If you need to add Printomat on a computer that does not have SU Workstation see these articles:
Add Printomat to Private Computer (Windows 10)
Add Printomat to Private Computer (MAC OS X)
Add Printomat to a private computer (Ubuntu 16.10 and later and Linux with Gnome)

You get the message "Internal server error" when you log in to the printer

Ensure that you do not have another card near your university card when you log in, for example, pass or SL/bus card in the wallet - they can interfere.

It could also be a problem with the card or your account. If the error persists, submit a service request to Helpdesk.

You can not find the Printomat-printer on your computer (SU Workstation MAC)

Select Printomat2 manually in the menu. If printomat color_synk missing, please report this to the helpdesk via the service portal. Include the computer name on the matter so we can add a new driver.

How to pay for forlocum tenens prints

Can a department that has a  forlocum tenens from another department pay for his/her prints?
Yes, by registering the substitute of your institution in SUKAT. If the substitute returns to the old workplace  corresponding registration needs to be done.

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