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Connect to VPN from SU Workstation computers (FortiClient)


NOTE! We encourage you to connect to with a Ethernet cable or eduroam when installing FortiClient.
After installation, you need to ensure that you can connect with FortiClient before taking your computer to another location/network.

As IT Services does not have control over the network that the computer connects to, or the routing over the Internet to our VPN server, we can never guarantee that it works as intended, as a large part of the routing is beyond our control.

For example, there can sometimes be problems when using a mobile hot-spot or if you have interruptions on your WiFi network at home (you do not always notice these interruptions when using other applications normally).

Disruptions to the WiFi network can be due to many things, for example if you are on the same frequency/channel as nearby neighbors' WiFi network.

Virtual private network (VPN) provides access to resources such as home directory, common space, Raindance/Mercur and network catalogues (Home and Common) from locations outside Stockholm University's network.

NOTE! For this to work, you must first have the service activated and the client installed on your Workplace Services (SUA) laptop. Reuqest form can be found here.

If you already have access to FortiClient, but haven't installed it; copy and paste the link below into your browser to go directly to the installation:


Product and version

FortiClient on laptop with Workplace Service (SUA).

Do this

1. Open kontohantering.su.se

2. In the left column, select Remote Access (VPN).

Click Click Generate New Password and jot down or copy your VPN password.

4. On your computer desktop, double-click FortiClient.


On a Mac, click the FortiClient icon at the top of the toolbar, then select Connect to SU-VPN-PROD-EMS.

Then follow the instructions in step 6.

5. Select Remote Access   in the column on the left.

(Mac) If you checked Save Password in the FortiClient Console and could not enter a new password, follow the image above.

6. In the window FortiClient (Remote Access), fill in as shown below and then click on Connect.

  • Username (same as the university account ): username/ vpn
  • Password:   Your VPN password

NOTE! Copying the password may result in an error message about incorrect information. Then enter the password manually instead.

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