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About One time code


What is a One time code?

You use a one time code to get access to certain IT-resources such as wireless network; and to be able to activate your university account. The code is only valid for one week after creation. You can have several one time codes where the last one generated, is the one that works.

How do I get a one time code?

Student - You can acquire a One-Time Code in one of two ways:

  • Contact the student affairs office at your department, to see a list of all departments - visit this link
  • By visiting the Infocenter at Studentavdelningen. In order to acquire a One-Time Code you must have a valid ID/passport.



  • By contacting your SUKAT administrator of the department

How to use a one time code for access to IT resources, such as wireless network

  1. Activate university account with One-time code
  2. Follow this article on how to Connect to wireless network - SU
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