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About computer halls

Logging in to the student computers requires an active University account.
No card or code is required to enter the computer labs.


  • During the corona pandemic the only computer room that remains open is Lantis and the number of computers is limited. The room will be cleaned more frequently, but everyone who uses the room needs to keep their distance and wash their hands thoroughly and frequently.
  • For current information on the limited access to premises (computer labs) during the current situation, see
  • Because these computers are often reinstalled and sometimes break down - make sure to save your files an a USB drive, cloud storage or similar.
  • Other computer rooms are managed by individual departments and may, for example, have a different login. Contact the relevant department for more information.
  • The computer rooms follow the opening hours of the University
    • Computer room Lantis follows the opening hours of "Allhuset"
    • Computer room Arrhenius follows the openings hours of "Arrheniuslaboratorierna"

Computer room Lantis

Contains Windows computers. The computer lab is located on the ground floor, below Restaurant Lantis.
There are two wheelchair-accessible workstations with height-adjustable tables directly inside the entrance.

Computer room Arrhenius (D406)

Contains Windows computers. The computer lab i located in Arrhenius house D, Floor 4, Room D406.

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