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Print from private computer on Printomat (Windows 7)


How to add a Printomat printer to a computer that is not connected to the Workplace service.

N.B. You must be connected to a Stockholm University network to be able to connect to Printomat!

Product and version

Windows 7


1. Click on Start, type \\ in the text field and press Enter.

2.    In the login box, enter:

  • Username: winadsu\username (for your university account)
  • Password: The password for your university account     
  • Tick the box "Reconnect ..." if you want your login details to be saved.


3. In the window that opens, right-click on Printomat2 and select Connect.

4. The drivers are now being installed. If you are asked whether you want to install the driver, click Install driver.

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