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Order university card (for printing, copying and library)


The university card is needed for printing/copying on campus (Printomat) and physical library loans.
It is not required for accessing the library's e-resources. Distance students do not need it.



  • To order the university card, you must first have activated your university account.
  • International students make sure your C/o and street address are correct before you order
    See article Update your address
  • The university card is not the same card as the student card (Campuskortet).
    Read more at the Stockholm University Student Union website.
  • The university card can currently only be ordered to a address within Sweden.
  • The university card is sent to your registered mailing address within 2-5 weekdays.
  • On the order page you will be able to revoke a lost card.


Follow this instructions

Order your university card at kontohantering.
NOTE! During the registration period /start of semester, there may be a delay in the synchronization between Ladok and SUKAT due to increased traffic. This can lead to an error message when ordering. Please wait and try again later.
If you receive still receive an error, make sure that your address is following the standard and that it is correct in Ladok.

CLICK HERE to enter to the order page.

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