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Connect to eduroam with Mac OS X (automatic configuration)


Connect to eduroam with Mac OS X.

N.B. Before you can connect your computer/mobile phone to eduroam, you will need to activate your eduroam account and obtain a password for the service.

Activate your eduroam account
Use wireless network - eduroam
Forgot password - eduroam (wireless network)

Product and version

Mac OS X


1. Download the automatic configuration tool:

2. Run the file if it does not start automatically upon completing the download. Click on Continue.

3. In the next window, enter the following:

Username: username/ppp@SU.SE
Password: Your eduroam password

N.B. It is important that your username is followed by /ppp@SU.SE with SU.SE in capital letters.

4. Click Install.

5. Finally, enter the password for the computer.

When the installation is complete, you can begin to use eduroam.

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