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Connect to eduroam with iPhone and iPad (automatic configuration)


This article shows you how to connect to the eduroam service with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

N.B. Before you can connect your computer/mobile phone to eduroam, you must activate your eduroam account and obtain a password for the service.

Activate your eduroam account
Use wireless network - eduroam
Forgot password - eduroam (wireless network)

Product and version



1. Open this article on the device you want to connect.

2. Download the eduroam profile by clicking on the link below:


3. Open the file. Click on Install.
You may have to enter your four-digit screen lock code to approve the installation.

4. A warning box will appear. Click on Install again.

5. On the Username page, type in your username/ppp@SU.SE Click on Next.

6. On the Enter Password page, enter your eduroam password. Click on Next.

7. The installation is now complete.

8. Now click on the Home button and go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Select a network, then click on eduroam.

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