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Connect to wireless network - eduroam


Eduroam is the result of a collaboration between university networks, mainly in Europe, with the aim of providing free internet access across university campuses. Those who have activated eduroam at Stockholm University can use eduroam at many other universities around the world; likewise, visitors from other universities can use eduroam here at Stockholm University.

In addition, eduroam works in several libraries in Stockholm and, thanks to a collaboration between eduroam and The Cloud, at train stations, airports and seaports.

Read more about eduroam here
Map that shows access points for eduroam in the world

Product and version

eduroam (wireless network)


1. Go to

2. In the left menu, go to eduroam, click on Activate.

2a. If you haven't got Assurance level AL1, please see this article about assurance levels

3. Write down your password.

NOTE! If you forget your eduroam password, you will need to generate a new one. Therefore, be sure to write down your password as you need to use the same one on multiple devices (computer/smartphone).

4.  Connect to eduroam to the article for your device:

Automatic configuration (recommended)

Connect to eduroam with Windows 10 (automatic configuration)
Connect to eduroam with Mac OS X (automatic configuration)
Connect to eduroam with iPhone or iPad (automatic configuration)

Manual configuration

Connect to eduroam with Ubuntu
Connect to eduroam with Linux (manual configuration)
Connect to eduroam with Android

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