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Set up email - Android (employee)


The article shows how to set up ebox (Stockholm University's central e-mail system) on a mobile platform with Android.

NOTE! Languages, interfaces and functions can differ on different phone models and manufacturers. We cannot guarantee that the ebox works on your particular phone.

Product and version

Configuration is done on a Samsung Note 3 with Android 4.4.2.

Do this

  1. Go to Settings> General> Accounts and click Add Account.
  2. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveS .
  3. Enter your email address, your university account password, and select Next .

    Stall_in_e_postprogram_Android_01.png /

  4. In the Exchange Server Settings window, complete the following information:

    Domain name: winadsu your username (university account)
    NOTE! On some android models, enter domain and username in each field.
    Password : your password (university account)
    Server :
    Port : 443
    Secure connection : SSL / TLS
    Client certificate : None

    When filling in the information, select Next .

    Stall_in_e_postprogram_Android_02.png /

  5. After configuring the account, you must accept recently applied settings and additional rights from the server.
  6. Finally, in the Account Options window, select how often you want to synchronize email and calendar.
    NOTE! Synchronization of contacts may clear any previous contacts, therefore deflect to synchronize contacts.

    Stall_in_e_postprogram_Android_03.png /

    Connection from your device is now done to the server.
    Once this is done, your account is ready for use.
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