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Different levels of assurance for the account


Due to new security requirements from SWAMID, your account needs to have the right assurance level for access to the services (see More information below).

Do this (if your account does not have the correct assurance level)

1. Go to su.se/activate and reset your password

2. Click on the desired method of identification
NOTE! If your are in need of AL2, see the list of methods further down in this article.

3. Go to https://kontohantering.su.se and check your assurance level under University Account -> Organization affiliation.
NOTE! Please allow up to 10 minutes before checking your new assurance level - as there may be delays.


More information

Stockholm University is part of the SWAMID federation and therefore needs to follow their rules on how accounts are handled. Part of the rule is Assurance Levels in accounts. Simply put, it is an indication of how confident we are in who holds the account.

At the lowest level (AL1) the person himself provided the information and at the higher (AL2) a verification process has established a correct identification.

Different services require that an account must be at a certain assurance level in order for the user to have access to the service. An example of this is eduroam which requires at least SWAMID AL1.

Stockholm University can currently offer two different assurance levels for our users. You can see what level your account is at in Account Management under Organization affiliation> Assurance level. If there is no value there, the account has no assurance level.

All accounts that are activated / restored in Aktivera.su.se after 25 May 2020 are at least SWAMID AL1. To reach SWAMID AL2, the account must be activated / restored in Aktivera.su.se via a verified eduID.

If you encounter problems with a service requiring a higher level of asssurance than you currently have, you need to restore your account via Aktivera.su.se with one of the following activation methods:


MethodProvides Assurance levelProvides access to e.g.
Antagning.seSWAMID AL1AL1: eduroam, eduSign
One-Time CodeSWAMID AL1AL1: eduroam, eduSign
Verified eduIDSWAMID AL1

AL1: eduroam, eduSign

AL2: eduroam, personal certificate, eduSign (legally valid singature), generate One-Time Codes (authorized staff)


After activation / reset, you can log in to https://su.se/accountmanagement to confirm that you have reached the level you intended.

Read more about how to get a verified eduID here.

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