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Configure and connect with the WireGuard VPN client


This article describes how to install and configure the WireGuard VPN client with a Mac connected to the SU Workstation Service (SUA) or a computer not connected to the SU Workstation Service.

Virtual private network or VPN provides access to resources such as Home and Common directory, Raindance / Mercur and library databases from locations outside Stockholm University's network.

NOTE! To install and use WireGuard on Windows, you need to be a local administrator on your computer.

Terms of use

In order to use the VPN service, an absolute requirement is that all devices that are connected must have an updated operating system as well as an updated virus protection where applicable.

Product and version

WireGuard for Mac computers connected to the SU Workstation Service (SUA) Service and devices without SU Workstation Service (SUA).
Windows 10, macOS 10.14 or later, Linux and more.


A. Macs connected to SUA find WireGuard in Self Service

B. Computers without SUA: Go to

B1. On the Installation page that opens, download and install the current version for your computer / device

Configuration and connection

1. Once the WireGuard client is installed, go to  

NOTE! The following window below may appear, in which case click Cancel

2. Log in with your University account

3. On the Stockholm University VPN page, click the Plus button to create a new configuration

4. On the Create New Device Configuration page that opens, give your tunnel an optional name under Client Name . Then click CREATE.

5. Click DOWNLOAD CONFIG and save the configuration file to your computer.

NOTE! Use only one profile per unique device. Be sure to create a new configuration for each device you want to connect via VPN. Currently, you can have three simultaneous devices connected. You may experience problems if you try to use a configuration for several devices at the same time.

6. Start or open the WireGuard client on your device.

7. In the WireGuard window, click Import tunnel(s) from file and open/select the downloaded configuration file with the optional name you provided.

8. After importing the file into WireGuard, click Activate

The profile is visible in the left column of the window

9. You should now see the IP address from one of the IP addresses below from Stockholm University's network pool. Test that you got it by visiting:
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