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FAQ - Zoom (e-meetings)

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a meeting service for students and staff that provides easy access to: chat, group work, tutoring, seminars and distance lectures.
Read more in the Zoom service description here .

How do I install and log into Zoom?

See the article: Install and log in to the Zoom meeting service

See also the article: Get started with the meeting service Zoom

Can I log in to Zoom from a private computer?


How do I teach online with Zoom?

Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching has collected tips and advice on this here:
How to teach online with Zoom

Is there any meeting length restriction in Zoom?

No, not from our accounts. If you use a free account there are restrictions.

Can teachers set up meeting rooms for students?

Yes they can.

Can teachers set up several meeting rooms at the same time?

No, you can only have one meeting at a time, but you can break down one meeting in a Breakout Room see:

Can I create a attendance list after a Zoom meeting?

Yes. Open this page: Usage Reports in Zoom. - Search for the meeting and then click the Participants column.
The list can then be exported and opened in Excel.

Read more about Reports at the Zoom Help Center here: Getting started with reports

Can I host more than one meeting at once?

No, you can only host one meeting at a time.

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