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Activate your university account - international students in Stockholm


This article describes how international students in Stockholm with a temporary Swedish civic number (containing a P or T) activates their accounts.

NB! Distance Students need to follow this article: Activate your university account - Distance Student


1. To get the credentials for your university account you must contact the student administration at the department where you will study. They have administrators that can create a One Time Code for you.

NB! If the department dont have an appointed administrator for One Time Codes they can follow this article: Dela ut bekräftade engångskoder (click continue if needed)

2. When you have recieved your One Time Code follow this article:  
Activate university account with One-time code

What is a P, R or T number and personnummer?

All international students are provided with a registration number from their study department. It is called a P, R or T number and is a fictive number for use within Stockholm University’s database where your courses and credits are documented. Each Swedish citizen has a personal identity number, personnummer, used in these situations. You can not use the P, R or T number outside of the University.

If you have a Swedish personal identity number "personnummer" and have used universityadmissions.se/antagning.se when applying to courses in Sweden, you can use our web service: su.se/activate in order to activate your account.

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