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Get started with the e-meeting service Zoom


Zoom is a Meeting Service for students and staff at Stockholm University.
Zoom provides easy access to: chat, teamwork, tutoring, seminars and lectures.

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Zoom on SU 

Zoom support

Install and log in to ZoomFollow instructions here:
Install and log in to Zoom
Getting started
How to teach online with Zoom

Information from Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching

How to teach online with Zoom

Attend a meeting
Click on the link you received in the invitation. If this is the first time you attend a meeting, you need to download and install a Zoom client first.

How do I join a meeting

Create a new meetingYou can post a new meeting both through Zoom's client and when you log in via stockholmuniversity.zoom.usHow do I schedule a meeting
Invite participantsYou can invite participants via a link in an email or from within your meeting room.How do I invite others to join?
Configure audio and videoStart a meeting - select Audio options in the drop-down list to the right of your microphone button.

Test video
Test Audio

Record a movie from my meeting and publish itIt is possible to record a meeting, save it locally and upload it to your educational environment (eg via Mondo and Athena).How to record with Zoom 
Manage my participants As a meeting host, you have more controls than the participants - you can for example, give them permission to speak if they raise their hand, etc.See Meeting controls 
Create groups(break-out sessions)You can divide your participants into smaller groups.Managing video breakout rooms
Chat with my participants You can chat with everyone, but also send private messages to individuals participants in your meeting.In-Meeting Chat
Write shared notesFor example, use Google Docs, Office 365 or Box for collaborative notes. You can share the link to your document with the participants via the chat.
Share and show things from my screenUse the Share Screen feature in your meeting to display software, windows, or presentations.Sharing your screen
Record or mark something I shareWhen you use Share Screen, for example to display a presentation, you have the ability to draw and note to show or clarify something.Sharing your screen
Show a whiteboard You can share a whiteboard with share screen to draw or write something along with your participants.

Sharing your screen
How do I use Whiteboard

Share a file with the participantsYou can send a file to the participants during a meeting. However, you need to enable it under the settings in your profile. The function is then found in the chat under more.In- meeting file transfer
Share a linkCopy and paste the link in your chat window.In-Meeting Chat
Create interactivity through votingThere is a function for polling. If you do not see this in your meeting, you may need to enable the function in meeting settings. 

Polling for meetings

Share a a link to an external voting tool in the chat area(In-meeting chat)

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