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Can not log into Athena (student)


There may be many reasons why you as a student can not log in to Athena. This support article lists some aspects that you should check before turning to your teacher/course administrator.

Product and version

itslearning - Athena Stockholm university


When you try to log in to Athena, you receive the error message:
The user is not in itslearning or The user is not in itslearning

(if you receive an error message that your username or password is incorrect, you may need to change your password for your university account, see this article.

If the error message displayed is “Behörighet saknas” or “Unathorized”, you could try to clear cache and cookies and restart the browser or try with another browser. If it doesn’t work, you should contact your teacher or course administrator.


If you are a teacher or course administrator, you can instead troubleshoot with this article:
Students cannot log in to Athena (for teachers / administrators)

Troubleshooting for students

1. Have you activated your university account?

In order to get a user account in Athena, and to attend your course, you must have an active University account. Read more here:
Activate University Account

It may take a few hours to activate the university account and until you can log in to Athena.

2. Have you registered for the course? 

It is not enough for you to be admitted on the course, you have to register formally as well on the course to be able attend and access the course in Athena. If you're not sure how to register to the course, read the following article:
Register at your department

3. Are you sure that the course is given in Athena?

At Stockholm University, several different learning platforms are used. Mondo has for many years been the learning platform used by the majority of the institutions, but a transition to Athena is currently taking place, which may take up to at least one year or more. Some individual institutions also use other learning platforms such as: FastReg, iLearn and Moodle. Ask your teacher if you are not sure which learning platform will be used for your course.

4. If you have found that the above steps are not the problem, you must contact your teacher or course administrator who needs further investigation.

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