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Printing from a private computer - Printomat (Linux with Gnome - Ubuntu 18.10 and up)


This article show how to add the Printomat-printer on a computer that is not a SU Workstation computer, and is running Ubuntu 16.10 or later with Gnome. This instruction was made on Ubuntu 18.10, if you're running another version, please adjust any steps necessary.

NB! You must be connected to a network at Stockholm University to be able to connect to our Printomat printer service.

Product and version

Linux - Ubuntu 16.10 and up with Gnome as the window manager.


1. If you do not have SAMBA installed, install it by running this command in a terminal (if you are using a Linux distribution without APT as a package manager, install smbclient in accordance with the package manager you are using):
sudo apt install smbclient

2. Download the PPD-driver below and save it in an appropriate place.

3. The newest version of the samba client in Linux now expects some 'extended security settings' per default, which do not exist on the printer server, and thus the printer server refuses to allow access. 

To switch off the extended security settings one has to modify the samba configuration file with:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

and add these two lines to the [global] section (it's not important in which order, just that it goes beneath the global section):

client use spnego = no
client ntlmv2 auth = no

4. Open Show applications -> Settings -> Devices -> Printers -> Additional Printer Settings... -> Press the arrow next to Add and select Printer.

5. Expand Network Printer and choose Windows Printer via SAMBA.
In the smb:// field enter: prntmat-p-srv3.it.su.se/printomat2
Click Forward.

6. In the next window, select Provide PPD file and browse to the downloaded PPD-driver and press Open.
Click Forward.

7. The next screen should be filled in like this:

Paper Source Unit: PC-415
Finisher: FS-536
Punch Unit: PK-520 (SWE 4-Hole)
Saddle Kit: SD-511

Click Forward.

8. In Describe Printer, fill in Printomat2 in both Printer Name and Description. Click Apply.

9. When you print the first time, you need to authenticate in a window:

  • Username: winadsu\username (= your university account's username)
  • Password: Password for the university account

Tick Remember password so you do not have to type in your details for each print job.

Click Authenticate.

Now you should be all ready to print, using the Printomat service within Stockholm University.

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